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Pension funds


The 47 billion AMD of assets from the 249 billion AMD of total AUM managed by Amundi-Acba, are the result of professional management.

The assets under management of Balanced (AMBAL), Conservative (AMCON) and Fixed Income (AMFIX) funds was about 249 billion AMD as of December 31, 2021. Local and foreign investments include different types of asset classes, such as government and corporate bonds, ETF and Equities, bank deposits.

For reporting quarter, the performance of three funds is positive, respectively, the performance of the Balanced fund was 2.1%, for the Conservative fund was 2.0%, for the Fixed Income 1.1%. Since inception annualized performance of 3 funds is as follows: Balanced fund 9.0%, Conservative fund 8.7%, Fixed income fund 7.9%.

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