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Ambitions: France-Armenia, puts the spotlight on Amundi-Acba

Wednesday 9th March, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations establishment between France and Armenia, the Forum Ambitions: France-Armenia,” brought together representatives of local governments, businesses, NGOs and French-Armenian civil society associations whose efforts help nurture economic, cultural and scientific relations between the two countries.

This event was held under the high Patronage of French President, Mr. Emmanuel Macron, in which a special meeting was chaired in France by the respective countries’ Ministers of Foreign Affairs.

It provided an opportunity to present the cooperative projects within the framework of the French-Armenian economic roadmap signed by the two governments in December 2021. Four round tables attended by representatives of French and Armenian governments and moderated by leading figures served to strengthening bilateral cooperation with a focus on the economy, sustainable development, new technologies, education, cultural heritage and health and social issues.

The roundtable “Economy, sustainable development, new technologies, tourism” was moderated by Bernard de Wit, Head of the Support and Control Division at Amundi, whօ, through Amundi-Acba’s pension funds management, has experience working in Armenia and successfully has been instrumental in establishing asset management activities in the country.

In his opening speech, Bernard de Wit warmly welcomed all participants and praised the overall commitment to discussing the issues and opportunities.

“Amundi-Acba, a joint venture in Armenia between French Amundi and Armenian Acba Bank, was founded in 2013. Armenia’s objective was to establish an advanced financial system to provide to retirement planning services to its citizens. This project was extremely attractive from a social point of view even if the capital markets were not very developed in Armenia at that time. Today, having achieved a track record of 8 years and prominent results, we are proud to have taken part in this success and will continue to support and develop Armenian economic and financial markets’ through Amundi-Acba’s capabilities”- highlighted Bernard de Wit.

The Forum closed with French President, Emmanuel Macron, and Armenian Prime Minister, Nikol Pashinyan, who participated in a final plenary session "Ambitions : Armenia-France” during which Prime Minister Pashinyan underlined in particular the success of Amundi-Acba in Armenia and the close cooperation of the two nations.

Updated 25.04.2022 | 14:31