Covid-19 crisis: Amundi-ACBA commitment

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Amundi-ACBA Asset Management CJSC has transferred 5 MIO AMD from its revenue for the implementation of measures aimed at overcoming the new coronavirus (COVID-19) in Armenia

Aiming to contribute for the health and safety of not only for future retires but for the elderly and immunocompromised as well ‘’Amundi-ACBA Asset Management ‘’ CJSC, expanded the scope of Corporate Social Responsibility and has transferred 5 MIO AMD from its revenue to the account number opened by MINFIN at the Central Treasury , aiming supporting the actions of the Healthcare ministry to prevent and overcome new Coronavirus (COVID-19), for promoting medical staff, purchasing medical items and equipment, as well as improving the building conditions of hospitals.

In the meantime ‘’Amundi-ACBA Asset Management’’ CJSC, in line with its mother Company’s procedures, calls employers to ensure smooth remote connection and encourage working from home as much as possible. We believe that businesses and employers can help reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) carrying for employees and surrounding.

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